at least i'm owning up to it, eh?

I told lies.

I fully intended to prepare this post complete with some lovely photos and splashes of vacation awesomeness and yet.... it didn't happen.

Instead I went grocery shopping, did my laundry, and only got as far as uploading the photos from my camera before I passed out last night. I did manage to get up and go to the gym this morning but after a 2 weeks hiatus I looked much more like a lumbering hippo on the treadmill than the half-wit runner that I am and didn't last quite as long as I could have before returning home to get ready for work.

So, yet again I'm kind of a grumpy-gus today, even after a cup of coffee this morning, but maybe the day will turn around?

In hope's for that I bring you this image, supplied by the ever amazing Nads back in 2003 I think, and to this day it makes me laugh until I wee a little tiny bit.


natalie said...

i totally don't remember that. what is that from??? haha i can't believe you saved it!

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